Cruises and discovery at the heart of the Mekong delta

The Mekong delta's name is Cửu Long, or Nine Dragons. Read about its geography and history.

Overnight cruises and accommodation on shore; Day cruises on board large sampans, and their extensions, Excursions or Activities around Cần Thơ and in the delta.

We provide our own services. See Who we are.

No nonsense here: clear and reliable services to discover the Mekong delta and the variety of river life.

hotline: 0903033148 after hours and during the holidays.

Overnight cruises and accommodations


We offer overnight accommodation in the delta, in Cần Thơ as well as in the outskirts of Bến Tre, but also our trademark overnight cruises on the delta on board the Bassac.

Day-time cruises & Family outings
Excursions and active outings


Explore on a kayak the river surrounding Cần Thơ. Cycle deep in the countryside or from the center of Cần Thơ into the greener outskirts of the city, plentiful opportunities to sample the contrasts of the delta.

Arts & Crafts


Take part in a cooking sessions with our chef. Decorate dishes with fresh, well-formed, and colourful fruits and vegetables through artistic carving with our expert.

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