at the heart of the Mekong delta

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Breakfast cruise to a Khmer pagoda

[image] The entrance to the pagoda, hidden in the green

Departure: 07:00 AM from the Cần Thơ market hall - Duration: 3.5 hours

A Mystic sampan takes you on a breakfast cruise all the way to a Khmer pagoda hidden in the countryside on the other side of the Mekong. An opportunity to visit a small local market, then for a promenade to the Phù Ly Khmer sanctuary with its theravada pagoda and large lying Buddha before turning back.

The excursion includes      
breakfast cruise on a Mystic sampan
local English-speaking guide
visit to a Khmer sanctuary
visit on shore on the way
Possible extensions
cycling excursion

Breakfast includes some Vietnamese specialities, a continental breakfast with bread, croissants and chocolate bread from our bakery, but croque-monsieur, yoghurt and fruit, to be served with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and fruit juice. For larger groups, we offer a varied buffet.

The program may vary depending on the tide and the current. Our Sales terms apply, and we abide by our Commitments. The prices indicated are valid until 31 Oct 2018.

Please also see our special offers and our Services policy for family terms.

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