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Breakfast cruise to Phong Điền floating market

[image] Mystic breakfast cruise to Phong Điền floating market

Departure: 07:00 AM near Phong Điền - duration: 3 hours

Board a Mystic sampan near Phong Điền. Take a breakfast of Vietnamese as well as Western dishes as the sampan reaches Phong Điền floating market. Here, few larger collector's boats and fewer propellers, most of the trade skiffs are rowed. The sampan resumes the cruise and takes you to a visit on shore, then enters the larger Cái Răng floating market against the current for a glimpse of wholesale trade taking place: here sellers dispatch fruit and vegetable produce to be sold on smaller markets, afloat or on shore.

The excursion includes     Available Extras & Options
breakfast on board a Mystic sampan Road transfer to the boarding point
selection of drinks on board local English-speaking guide
visit to Phong Điền floating market
visit of Cái Răng floating market
visit to shore on the way
Possible extensions
local cycling tour

Breakfast includes some Vietnamese specialities, a continental breakfast with bread, croissants and chocolate bread from our bakery, but croque-monsieur, yoghurt and fruit, to be served with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and fruit juice. For larger groups, we offer a varied buffet.

The program may vary depending on the tide and the current. Our Sales terms apply, and we abide by our Commitments. The prices indicated are valid until 31 Oct 2018.

Please also see our special offers and our Services policy for family terms.

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